Raymond Scannell

Strategies Built Around Your Needs & Goals

Ray Scannell is often referred to as "the consultant" to a close-knit community of loyal business owners. 

Almost three Decades of Experience

Since 1989, Ray has helped business owners take a deep breath, take a moment, and productively plan for personal financial independence. He has helped them revise and supplement their personal retirement plans so they can contribute or defer greater amounts of salary, and creatively used life insurance to engineer buy/sell agreements and greater degrees of income protection.

A Southside native, he has watched the area's business community grow and evolve and assisted successive generations of families in their quest for financial freedom.

Ray doesn't try to hand you a set of "off-the-rack" products or investment plans. He listens to you to learn about what money means to you, and crafts unique, detailed and personal income, savings, insurance, and exit strategies to suit your life.

Best of all, he's local and available. If you're thinking about a major purchase, a business or personal investment, or meeting the costs of college or eldercare, he can be the first person you call - and the personal CFO you've always wanted for your life and business.